The country's ancient endowment of pristine nature and happy, vibrant people, is a legacy that my family has secured and nurtured through the perpetual journeys of the 5 Kings to Bhutan's most remote and wild reaches - travels motivated by their unyielding love for the people and places of this magical country.

The King's Challenge Journey is an historic opportunity to travel with me in the footsteps of my family, experiencing the Kingdom through the eyes of Kings and sharing in this legacy by helping to preserve and sustain it for the world's generations to come
- His Royal Highness, Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, Global Ambassador to The King's Challenge

The Journey

Journey Highlights

Journey inspired by His Majesty the King's travels to the most remote destinations throughout the country
Led by His Royal Highness, Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, and legendary mountaineer, Kenton Cool (11 Everest Summits)
Learn about Gross National Happiness, Buddhism and other aspects of Bhutan's unique culture and pristine environment from the country's foremost experts
Exclusive access to Bhutan's cultural and natural treasures, previously off-limits to outsiders
Exclusive use of helicopters to reach untouched wilderness and never before seen places in all four corners of the Kingdom
Professional photo and video library documenting your journey

Impact Initiatives

The King's Challenge invests in best-in-class development initiatives that help the communities we visit sustain and grow the things that matter most, because for us, the end of a King's Challenge Journey is just the beginning of our relationship with the special places we are privileged to explore.

The Impact Portfolio

Highlighted here, are three of the impact initiatives that will benefit from your Journey. The King's Challenge team has incubated each of them in collaboration with our local partners to ensure maximum alignment with Bhutan's development vision, and to best serve the needs of the Kingdom's environment, culture and youth.